The Alliant Hemp Price Promise

The Alliant Hemp Price Promise is simple: As we increase our sales volumes and realize production efficiencies, we will lower the prices on our products. Though a simple idea, the Price Promise ties together every aspect of our Mission, which is to bring people together in support of high-quality and affordable hemp products that are sustainably produced and available to everyone.

Bringing people together in support of high quality and affordable hemp products is key to Alliant’s success. Think about where you first heard about Alliant...Chances are that it was from one of our satisfied customers - our Allies! We don't pay for promotions, affiliate links, referrals, or reviews. We don’t believe in massive paid-marketing budgets. We believe in you, our Allies! We believe we can bring together people to support our products because all of our Allies have a collective stake in Alliant’s success. We believe this aligns Alliant's goals with our Allies and creates a unique opportunity in the market. Our Allies are the driving force that builds the trust and growth that is the essence of the Alliant brand, and in turn Alliant rewards our Allies with an increasingly greater value. We believe in you, and while we know there is no quick way to earn your trust, we work hard every day to ensure that our products and actions continue to build trust and confidence with every interaction.

Sustainably produced seems very cliché—the phrase gets most people thinking about environmental sustainability, but that is just the beginning for Alliant. First off, Alliant is committed to continual progress towards being as environmentally friendly as possible—but that is really to be expected from most brands nowadays. Let's talk instead about how Alliant sees sustainability differently. Where Alliant differs is that we see a desperate need in the hemp market in the United States. The hard truth is that most of the US hemp industry is currently failing. Hemp has previously been massively overproduced, and many companies have gone out of business. The businesses that remain are largely using questionable tactics to attract and retain customers. The current market model employed by nearly all of our competitors is not economically sustainable and has contributed greatly to the ongoing systemic failure in the hemp industry.

Alliant sees the market and believes that the only solution is to expand the hemp consumer base—and we believe the best way to do that is to get more people consuming more cannabinoids by simply making cannabinoids more accessible and affordable to more people. Increasing consumption means that our wonderful farmers have an opportunity to grow hemp, that our world-class extractors have incentive to extract that hemp, and that Alliant can continue to deliver an increasingly better value in the market. The only way to keep our hemp economy economically sustainable is to foster growth in the consumer base—and once again it all comes down to our Mission and our Allies.

Available to Everyone—this sounds simple but is not easy to do. Availability is not only ensuring that the product is safe and available for purchase, but also ensuring that products are affordable to the point that everyone can get the dose of cannabinoids they need without worrying about the financial impact. While we are making progress on this front, Alliant is just beginning—we will continue to add new products to reach more people, while keeping prices as low as possible. We endeavor to deliver the greatest value possible and to foster sustainability in our supply chain. It is a huge challenge, but we believe that with your support we will succeed.

How can you help? We need help to reach more people that need our products! You can help us spread the word by letting those you care about know about Alliant, or even buy some product for a friend or loved one that might benefit from it. It only takes a few seconds to give us a follow or like in social media, which is very much appreciated! In short, anything you can do to help us get more people interested in what Alliant is all about, the better we can execute our Mission - which we hope helps all of us!

Thank You so much for your time and consideration.




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