About Alliant: Why We are Different

Together We Grow

Alliant Hemp's Mission is to bring people together in support of high-quality and affordable hemp products that are sustainably produced and available to everyone.

The Path Forward

Alliant Hemp is blazing a trail that many hemp companies don't want to consider. Most hemp companies ask themselves "How can we make as much money as possible off of what we have?". The answer is usually for them to sell products with small amounts of cannabinoids at extremely high prices to a limited group of people.

Alliant Hemp asks a different question: "How can we align our available resources to fairly and sustainably produce and sell hemp products to all of the people who need them?" Alliant Hemp's answer is based on our belief that we can sell large amounts of cannabinoids at low prices to a large group of people. Alliant's pricing is much lower than major competitors because of this belief. We feel that the cost of hemp products is prohibitive for most people, and we aim to change that - all while focusing on long-term sustainability throughout our supply chain.

We believe in YOU! Alliant believes that many more people will buy hemp products if there are simply quality products available at a fair and sustainable price. Although we know it won't be easy, Alliant has chosen to embark on this journey because we believe that everyone should be able to access hemp products, and that our sourcing, pricing, and sales models are the most inclusive and sustainable way to achieve that.

The Marketplace

Alliant Hemp has a deep understanding of the hemp cannabinoid business, and our market analysis shows that the typical hemp product on the market is priced at least 10 times what a consumer would consider a "fair price" if they had an understanding of the actual costs to sustainably produce it. The high-priced hemp products sold by our competitors give them the clear advantage of being able to make large amounts of money while selling very few products. The cashflow generated by these companies allows them to control a vast majority of the existing hemp market through various marketing strategies, most of which are based on taking advantage of their customers.

The status-quo business model in this industry is vicious, expensive, and has one goal: to make as much money as possible by leading their customers to believe that price equals quality, and that their company is helping them. Massive "flash sales", deep discounts for military veteran's or people with disabilities, "subscribe and save", and many other marketing gimmicks are all designed to get you hooked on their overpriced products by convincing you that you are getting a great deal. In reality, these tactics accomplish nothing other than keeping prices high for the average person, and padding the pockets of the companies that employ them. We view these tactics as a disservice to the consumer as they are not transparent, and do not provide the sustainability our domestic hemp supply chain needs in order to continue supplying high-quality hemp to meet surging demand. 

The Alliant Difference

Alliant Hemp is different. We simply do not believe in marketing gimmicks. We believe that our customers deserve a quality product at a fair price, and that the hemp supply chain deserves to be treated fairly and consistently. We believe that if we offer a quality and safe product at a fair price directly to everyone, we don't need to use questionable marketing tactics. We believe that an informed consumer will decide that Alliant Hemp is the best value, and has the best values in the hemp industry.

Alliant Hemp's sales model is based on our ability to sustainably produce large volumes of products for the consumer market, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety in our products, and getting these products directly to our customers. This is not easy to accomplish, and is only possible because we can leverage relationships that we have cultivated with the most trusted partners in the hemp industry over the course of many years.

Our direct relationships start with the farmers that grow the highest quality hemp crops, and extend throughout the entire supply chain of processors, product formulators, manufacturers, and lab testing facilities - ultimately ending at your mailbox or doorstep. These direct supply chain relationships allow us to operate as efficiently and professionally as any of our competitors, and deliver that value directly to you without middle-men or retail markups found elsewhere. Compare our quality and prices to the competition, and you will find that we are providing a value in the market that very few, if any, existing companies have an interest or ability to match.

The Alliance

We hope that you become our Ally on this journey, and help us continue to make affordable hemp products available to everyone. We have a strong desire to expand product offerings, while continuing to keep our fair and sustainable prices. Subscribe to our newsletter, "The Alliance", to keep up on the latest news and innovations that we are working on. Thanks for your time!

Together We Grow!

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